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Nutrition  as  Medicine

Treatment Diabetes Mellitus type 1 & 2, Open Wound, Cancer Tumor

From 1st of June 2016

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"Reduces blood glucose to a stable value of 7 mmol / l with an HbA1c of less than 48 mmol / mol with a complete recovery from internal complications. The evidence for this is determined after lab examination via the general practitioner."

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"With optimal health in a modern society, the health of the individual is determined by the most healthy and nutritious diet in his neural network compared to the previous everyday life."

Training Neural Telephony. The first training of five meetings in which you can find out whether you are already suitable for an optimal reach within the neural network. Neural Telephony is the successor of the Fixed Line and Cloud Telephony.


In our practice we strive for the best possible and personal healthcare for our patients with diabetes through:

A) Curing all symptoms of diabetes, diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, by prescribing nutrition as a medicine. In this CIMAX treatment the Neuro Genetic Programming, NGP, is used in the healing process of ALL symptoms of diabetes such as itching, frequent thirst, incontinence, 'incurable' wounds, blurred vision, and constipation, characterized by the fact that the cure of diabetes by a patient CIMAX treatment always from inside the cell in the bones to the skin surface, according to the Law of Hering takes place;

B) The actual occurrence of amputations by a CIMAX treatment of a malignant tumor;

C) The timely transfer to a CIMAX treatment in order not to become an involuntary kidney dialysis patient;

D) The CIMAX therapy, NGP and / or treatment as an option in the last phase of life of the patient;

E) Together with our neural healing therapist, and in consultation with your doctor or specialist, the use of all chemical medicines is definitively reduced during the course of a CIMAX treatment, including the most commonly prescribed insulin for your sugar level, simvastatin for your cholesterol, and also for your blood pressure;

F) Providing information about CIMAX's healing powers to healthcare institutions that treat diabetes;

G) Organizing workshops and information meetings about the CIMAX treatment and NGP;

With the CIMAX treatment we want to promote the optimal health and comfort of our patients and their families as much as possible;

We take plenty of time to listen carefully to our patients and we will put together an individual CIMAX care package that best suits your personal illness depending on your date of birth and gender;

Feel free to make an appointment with us if you or someone in your area needs a CIMAX advice or CIMAX treatment for adequate curing of all symptoms of diabetes, diabetes mellitus and only on the basis of nutrition as medicine, after which the person concerned can also be declared medicated free by the doctor or specialist.

Thank you in advance for your one-off or regular donation, your named fund or inheritance in the name of Psychosocial Cure Therapy Practice on account number NL81 INGB 0007 2459 17. Your contribution is certainly not to be underestimated.  The smallest gift is also welcome. And is certainly necessary to guarantee the start and the future of this practice, clinic and healthcare institution, to maintain the high quality, to remain innovative by continuing essential CIMAX studies.

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